Narmeh Dastpoush Production Company was established in 1997 to manufacture household, light industrial and disposable rubber gloves. The automatic batch production line (made in the UK), was commissioned January 1998 under technical surveillance of the machinery manufacturer and expert cadre of Narmeh Dastpoush company in the "phase I" of Eshtehard Industrial Estate.
The high quality household rubber gloves, available in high quality and various colors, were brought to market under the "GOLPOOSH" brand in March 1998. Light industrial rubber gloves were subsequently introduced under the "GOLKAR" brand name, as a result of non-stopped endeavor of management, expert technicians and grubber personnel.  
The bicolor short and long gloves named “GOLDEN GOLPOOSH ” is another unique, high quality product of this company, produced from best raw material and molds, added to the previous products of this company in 2009. The other new product of this company under the “GOLPAR” brand name, made with new technology, suitable price and a very high quality in the form of uni-colored short gloves (GOLPAR), was brought to market in early 2010 to best meet the consumers’ needs.
Furthermore, the disposable gloves made of imported raw material and under the brand name of “PINK GOLPOOSH” in boxes of 100, appropriate and unique products, are manufactured with up to date technology of packaging.
From the arrival of the natural latex to the plant, throughout the production process, and until the sorting and packaging processes, the quality control unit supervises and inspects all products to confidently ensure high quality, hygienic, standardized products. The user guide manual is enclosed in each package. Our gloves have the Certificate of Approval and National Standard Seal from national authorities. All rubber gloves have a rolled cuff, luxurious fragrance (household only), anti-slip grip for wet and soapy use, and a non-allergenic inner cotton flock lining as absorbent to keep hand dry with excellent protection.